Gregg Nunney: One of our seasons is missing

We've moved straight from autumn to spring, says Gregg
We've moved straight from autumn to spring, says Gregg

OK, let’s get one thing straight.

I know that the seasons all seem to be a bit out of whack at the moment but it is only March. The beginning of March as well.

Winter seems to have been non-existent. We went from a late summer to an early spring via what can only be described as a very wet and very windy elongated autumn.

The odd bit of frost three days after Christmas does not count as the season to be jolly.

In some ways I’m not complaining. It was still snowing at the very beginning of April last year and we did have the coldest February I can remember – but it is starting to get very confusing.

The BBC’s decision to air Death in Paradise over the past eight weeks has made it feel like there is an element of Caribbean in the air.

If you combine that with the fact that there was an extra (I won’t say bonus because of the result) Ashes tour in Australia then you’ll be forgiven for thinking the sun is shining a little more than usual.

A-ha! I hear you say. At least we’ve had Pancake Day! You can set your watch by Pancake Day! Well, maybe not.

That celebration of all things flour, milk and eggs was nowhere to be seen in February, this year having taken up residence at the start of a month usually more famous for chocolate eggs and Simnel cake.

Well as a result, I can confirm that I am one Hot Cross Nunney.

So, to sum up 2014 so far, we’ve had no cold weather in winter, Pancake Day in March, Easter in April and the re-opening of the bridge on Pytchley Road which has been described to me as Christmas come early.

You know who I blame? The John Lewis hare.

Everything had a time and a place before he started waking the hibernating bears up before their time. Hop on, mate!