Gregg Nunney: My big ready, steady, cook challenge

How did Gregg fare in his great Ready Steady Cook-off?
How did Gregg fare in his great Ready Steady Cook-off?

I can’t be the only person who, when they were little, wanted to live out the TV shows that they watched.

I’m sure that any nipper with a Spiderman suit (I had one of those by the way) will tell you that there is nothing more rewarding than running around pretending to be your favourite character.

For me it was Dungeons and Dragons, the gameshow-come-Hobbity-adventure Knightmare and, bizarrely, Treasure Hunt.

As much as I had no desire to wear a jump suit, the idea of being directed to the deepest, darkest corners of Anglesey in a helicopter by two tweed-attired physics lecturers as they attempted to unscramble a Da Vinci Code-esque riddle seemed quite cool.

Despite the fact they always used to miss out on winning by about six hundredths of a second.

I’m a keen cook too and would happily stand at home making dinner thinking how easy it would be to describe what I was doing to a camera and become the next Rick Stein or Jamie Oliver.

I hosted a cook-a-long programme on the radio once. It lasted one episode.

This all brings me to Valentine’s Day when Mrs Gregg and I decided to challenge ourselves to a Ready Steady Cook-off.

We both randomly picked an amount of money out of a hat (I got £20, she got a tenner) and attempted to make a three-course meal.

Now I must say (and not only because her work colleagues will be reading this) that her paprika chicken was lovely.

My scallops and pea puree went well, my Stromboli (a rolled up pizza) was a hit, but my basic, simple bananas and custard ended up so inedible that we resorted to chocolate bars and more wine for dessert.

I don’t believe buying flowers, teddies or chocolates because you feel you have to says anything about love.

I now also think this about bananas and custard – even if they did look like an aborted attempt to recreate Anneka Rice’s jumpsuit.