Gregg Nunney: Lists keep me on track

Gregg is a big fan of making lists
Gregg is a big fan of making lists

I’m famous for my use of lists.

I can know in my head that I have a ton of stuff to do and know full well that it will never get done.

Stick it in a list and I’ll get through it all like there’s no tomorrow.

I have always been the same and it drives my family mad.

The house is full of grids that have been printed off with details of what I’m doing on each day in the coming week.

The notice board lists where and when I have to be over the coming month and, without doubt, the most over-used feature on my Microsoft Word is the “insert table” button.

If we have people over for dinner and I have a feast to prepare then the whole thing has to be planned and logged in 10-minute windows so I know that I’m on course.

Considering that I like to think I have it in me to be a little bit off-the-wall, I’m only truly happy when everything is planned to the smallest detail.

I wonder if this is why I’ve always been a keen follower of football leagues and the pop charts.

This may sound like the most boring thing in the world to you, but two of my most thumbed books at home are the Complete History of British Football League Tables and the Virgin Book of Top 40 Charts.

If you want to know how many goals Southampton scored in the 1963-64 season, or how many weeks Hunting High and Low by A-Ha spent in the charts, then I’m your man.

I guess we all have our quirks and lists and grids seem to be mine.

It’s those little unique things that make us who we are and they should all be celebrated rather than frowned upon.

Why do I mention this?

You may ask... well, that’s easy to answer.

I very nearly missed the deadline for my Northamptonshire Telegraph column this week.

Why? I only forgot to put it on my list!