Gregg Nunney: How to bring the fear factor back to Man Utd

Could spiders bring back the fear factor to Old Trafford? Gregg thinks so
Could spiders bring back the fear factor to Old Trafford? Gregg thinks so
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I wonder why it is that our brain makes us scared of things.

I’m not talking about real genuine fears like being chased around a haunted wood by a mad axe man at three in the morning, but about silly irrational fears that we know are completely unfounded.

Take spiders, for example. I’ve never liked them but one of us in the house has to be the one to get rid of them when the autumn comes so I have had to develop some kind of immunity.

I know, however, they won’t hurt me.

There are people though who are properly scared of them and will find themselves unable to enter a room when an eight-legged beastie is on the prowl.

You may well fall into this category.

I’m also scared of heights but I can’t be THAT scared as I manage to travel in airplanes and look out of the window.

I think it’s the idea of being open to the elements from a height – you wouldn’t catch me volunteering to go on a trapeze workshop!

We recently watched the Guy Martin television series called Speed and in the four episodes he attempted to break four world records – the last of which he succeeded at by going down a mountain on a sledge face first at 90 miles an hour.

What Guy Martin must have that I most definitely don’t is a complete sense of fearlessness.

There must be something within his brain that, even after calculating all the risks, does not fear them and, to be honest, I don’t know whether I admire him for that or not.

Take a look at Manchester United. Here’s a simple case of psychological fear.

The team aren’t rubbish all of a sudden, yet the removal of the iconic Sir Alex Ferguson from Old Trafford seems to have taken away other teams’ fear of playing there.

As a result, they lose at home on a regular basis.

Perhaps they should sign a spider as their new centre forward.

It could work wonders.