Gregg Nunney: Flavour takes me back to teenage years

Gregg's childhood favourite, Burton's Fish & Chips biscuits
Gregg's childhood favourite, Burton's Fish & Chips biscuits

Up until roughly four years ago I always struggled with my weight.

I was never particularly sporty as a child and struggled to find any motivation to get into exercise as an adult. I didn’t have a particularly bad diet but I had come off the back of a ten-year stint DJing 
in clubs and complementing each drive home with a burger and fries at about 2am.

I, completely inaccurately, put my chubby teenage years down to one product that I always used to pop into the newsagents for on my way home from school and buy a pack of. A product whose discontinuation in the late 1990s caused my arteries to breathe a sigh of relief.

A product that, out of the blue, has just been reintroduced.

Now I know I can’t blame my inability to try a bit harder during PE lessons on Burton’s Fish & Chips biscuits but the tangy treats certainly didn’t help.

They were my absolute favourites and a smile appeared on my face when I saw them in the supermarket.

I don’t know whether it’s just the nostalgic thing that keeps us hankering for the snacks we used to enjoy when we were little, but manufacturers know that they only have to bring a handful back every year or so to keep us happy.

I bought a bag and, to my delight, they taste just the same as they did in the 1990s. I can only hope they’ll be followed up by the reintroduction of Cadbury’s Fuse bars, Walker’s Bitza Pizza crisps and that fruity soft drink called Quatro.

Of course buying this pack of Fish and Chips was just a one-off. I’m far too health-conscious these days to let myself get back in the shape I was when I was a teenager – although they could act as my carrot-and-stick. If I ever decide to run another marathon, I know what to line the path with in order to get me to the finish in record time! Yum yum.