Gregg Nunney: Diet derailed by Oundle Food Festival

Gregg had to exercise self-control at this year's Oundle Food Festival
Gregg had to exercise self-control at this year's Oundle Food Festival

Last Saturday morning we got in the car and had an early drive along the new Geddington bypass (seriously – it was worth the wait), through Weldon and the Benefields to lovely, beautiful Oundle.

We weren’t just in Oundle to gawp at the lovely buildings, beautiful surrounding countryside and eye-watering property prices in the estate agent’s window.

We were in Oundle for the food festival.

We’re food people, always have been, so the idea of scores of stalls all selling local produce is one that is of great interest.

At Christmas we hunt out festive food markets and at the height of summer it’s even better when there’s one on our doorstep. It’s a shame we’re on a diet.

The art of exercising self-control is a tricky one. We managed to stop buying cakes after we had four in our basket (the brownies were goooood) and didn’t do much for our “cutting-down-on-cheese” mission when we stumbled across some delicious smoked goats cheese.

OK, so we failed when it came to being good, but what’s the point of going to a food festival if you aren’t prepared to indulge a little?

According to a new study from the States, though, healthy eating isn’t about missing out on treats, it’s a case of getting the balance right.

The key is not so much in the amount of fat and calories you’re consuming, but the levels of hidden sugar, salt and additives that are cunningly concealed in a lot of processed food.

What’s made things tougher this week is that I’ve hurt my knee. I went flying over a speaker at a music festival at the weekend and, as a result, I haven’t been able to keep to my usual health and fitness regime.

My tough circuit training has been replaced by swimming. With less exercise you’d think I’d be more strict with my diet but, ironically, it’s that tasty smoked goats cheese that’s getting me through the pain!