Glennis Hooper: This is where hard work and belief get you

Andy Murray is an inspiration
Andy Murray is an inspiration
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I am writing this week’s column just minutes after nervously watching Andy Murray’s fantastic win at Wimbledon; the most valuable title on the tennis circuit.

Phew! What an emotional moment it was when he, and those around him, realised his dream had been realised and that British sporting history had been made.

After his thrilling semi-final Andy upped his game and produced more than his best yet again – and when it really mattered.

It was a joy to witness this epic game and once more that feeling of being so proud to be British was present. Well done Andy – a title truly deserved!

Years ago when I played competitive tennis in local leagues, tournaments and briefly at county level, it was always one of my, and that of my tennis colleagues, dreams to play at Wimbledon, just to say I had played on the hallowed turf.

It never materialised, of course, but I was very happy playing tennis locally; it gave me many hours of pleasure; it kept me fit and I made many friends.

It also taught me discipline in that you had to play and train hard to succeed and always give your best.

Andy had a good day. Through sheer hard work, determination and belief, he achieved his life-long dream and made his fans happy. What an ambassador for the game of tennis.

I do hope Andy’s success will inspire the youngsters playing the game today to work hard to achieve their dreams and aim high.