GLENNIS HOOPER: The time has come to declutter

Wellingborough. CRAZY HATS.'Glennis Hooper from Crazy Hats charity. ENGNNL00120121224105935
Wellingborough. CRAZY HATS.'Glennis Hooper from Crazy Hats charity. ENGNNL00120121224105935

Deciding to have a late spring/early summer blitz, I have had a few areas in my flat painted which has meant having to move almost everything – not easy when space is so restricted.

While in the process of putting things in different places, that I was to forget later, I listened to a television presenter on breakfast television talking about decluttering, hanging on to her words:

“Decluttering…it’s got be done, so just decide now whether to keep, chuck or give to charity.”


Food for thought!

Having been a teacher for many years, with art and design as my main subject, I always loved my classroom to be full of interesting objects together with stimulating and colourful displays.

To do this you had to have a lot of artefacts and over the years I must have spent thousands of pounds on such, just to make the environment exciting and a good place to learn, primarily for the children, but also for me having to spend my working hours in such a classroom.

The same trait seems to have carried on with my personal life, for in my home I also have lovely things around me, many of which hold very special memories and are keepsakes and many are from phases in my life when I had to collect what was the current trend…thimbles, cats, pigs and teddy bears to name but a few.

Now, however, whether it is an age-related dilemma, I somehow feel the need to minimise what I have around me.

Big decisions have to be made as to which route I go down to do this, remembering words from a famous person who had a lot of influence on my art teaching, William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

This is going to be hard!