Glennis Hooper: Sometimes it is about being there

Sometimes it is about being there to listen, says Glennis
Sometimes it is about being there to listen, says Glennis

Excitement at the office, and around us, is mounting as we prepare for our 12th walk in March.

But, last week, we took a day out to stand at Sainsbury’s in Burton Latimer who had kindly nominated us as their chosen charity for a year.

This day was different.

This day saw colleagues at the store unite to do something for another colleague who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Four members of staff, that included the branch manager, were all sponsored to have No. 1 haircuts amid the busy throng of shoppers.

All four had varying lengths of hair and were naturally anxious as to how they would look afterwards. I have to say, they all looked rather cute!

For me, it was not just about having an extreme haircut, for their hair will grow back.

For me, it was about the camaraderie of the group who wanted to sacrifice something so personal for a colleague and a friend.

It was quite emotional and it brought home to me, when the chips are down, just how much love and support there is in the community.

It was lovely to meet the stylist, herself a breast cancer survivor, whose mum had her head shaved for her and our charity years ago.

As I say, it is not just about having your head shaved which is a very brave thing to do.

This day was about sharing stories, some sad, many good.

More importantly, it was a day when there was time to listen and time for the storytellers to be heard. This is why our walk is so important.

This day saw a small group of like-minded people get together – the Crazy Hats Walk sees thousands. How many stories will we hear then, I wonder?