Glennis Hooper: So much laughter at party night

Glennis's birthday celebration
Glennis's birthday celebration

Oh what a night!

While writing this column I am slowly recovering from what was an amazing evening.

You may remember I turned 60 a few weeks ago.

Well, at the time we were so busy with fundraising events for breast cancer awareness month there was no quality time to celebrate, even though my friends did me proud at the office on the day.

This year, with it being a milestone year, I wanted to organise something special; something different and something memorable so, with a lot of help, I organised a 40s themed party; my aim being to bring as many friends and family together as I could to simply have a “chill-out” evening where all the worries of the day could be forgotten, a fun time could be had by all with an opportunity for me to say thank you. 40s-style costume was compulsory, 40s food, music and entertainment were on offer and in true street party fashion we had a wonderful time.

All I can say is, as guests arrived, I felt quite emotional and so proud realising the effort everyone had made to dress up and enter into the spirit. There was so much laughter as we tried to recognise each other as some of the outfits were so imaginative and elaborate; it really was like stepping back in time. I knew immediately my aim of bringing people together had worked as the love and warmth shown to each other all evening was very moving.

It was hard work but so worth the effort and I had a great team behind me. A huge thank you to each and every one with special thanks to Linda for the amazing, “rations-lifted”, chocolate cake!