Glennis Hooper - Small things can jog big memories

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Isn’t it funny how sometimes it is the little things in life than can bring so much pleasure?

Last weekend, in the run-up to our 10th Charity Walk in March, my friend and I went to Wicksteed Park to walk the route and to check on various aspects of the organisation of the event.

We also paid a visit to an antiques show that was being held there. We both love spending time browsing round the stalls and reminiscing about all the things we used to have in our lives that, today, we wished we had kept.

We thought back to the time when we went to a large antiques show in Peterborough a few years ago. When we were there a film crew were filming for the TV show Bargain Hunt. However, when I went to pick Marilyn up, we realised we were both wearing red fleece jackets. Yes, you’ve guessed it! As we wandered round we were mistaken for contestants on the programme – the red team – so we played up to the part, picking up many items and asking the question: “Is that the very best you can do?” It was great fun but we did eventually confess to each of the stallholders that we were just two ordinary visitors.

Back to Wicksteed Park and their antiques show. I was thrilled when I came across a bundle of papers that took me back to my early years when I used to love doing ‘projects’ at school. In the bundle were project worksheets that I used to use. Memories came flooding back and for just £2 I was so happy to rekindle my youth. Some of you may remember taking part in a national competition called The British Trades Alphabet whereby we could choose from 26 different companies, each letter of the alphabet representing a company. I still have my project book on Smedley’s foods; the project I loved doing most was ‘C’ for Cadbury’s.

Back then, everything was done by hand, we would have to write to the companies for information and then research in encyclopaedias and in libraries.

My friend was intrigued as to why such a bundle of papers could bring so much joy, but as we walked round Wicksteed Park we found we were both thinking back to our school days, discussing our favourite subjects, remembering favourite and not so favourite teachers. With my love of projects then and since I suppose nothing has changed really. Certainly the task of organising our forthcoming walk is, indeed, a huge project that I am sure, and hope, will provide us all with a great experience and many more happy memories.