Glennis Hooper: Refreshed and raring to go after the break

Glennis is raring to go after the summer break
Glennis is raring to go after the summer break
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With all the glorious weather we have had over recent months it has been lovely to have had some quality time to take advantage of it, especially as Crazy Hats been closed for our summer break.

My friend and I managed to get away to the east coast for a couple of days.

The garden has now been sorted.

I have spent valuable time with my mum and I have had decorators and workmen in to give my lounge a facelift.

I’m not quite straight in that area because living in a flat means everything has to be moved, but things are going in the right direction.

Yes, it has been a good couple of weeks to enable us to recharge the batteries but now we must look towards another crazy year with our charity work.

I always think of September as a fresh start, as it used to be when I was teaching.

For me, the first day back at school was always very exciting, challenging and perhaps a little daunting, wondering how you will get on with your new intake and wondering what characters you will encounter, knowing there would always be one that would stand out from the rest and test you to the limits.

Running Crazy Hats is very much like running a school and I am looking forward to moving the charity forward in different ways (more on this next time).

I’m also looking forward to meeting our volunteers again, to getting dates fixed in the diary, to organising breast cancer awareness activities, to meeting yet more wonderful people and to supporting them and the many hospital departments across the area we support in the best ways we can.

Our motto is: ‘Together we CAN make a difference’.

With our summer break now behind us I am certain that with your support, we will do this.