Glennis Hooper: Picture that put us on road to £2m

The picture that helped launch Crazy Hats
The picture that helped launch Crazy Hats

They say a picture paints a thousand words.

In an attempt to put together a booklet to commemorate our pending £2m raised in the past 13 years I have, over the past few days, been taking a walk down memory lane, sifting through literally hundreds of photographs, news cuttings, newsletters and other memorabilia that tell a very special story.

It’s hard to believe that the photo used by the Telegraph today, to depict my fortnightly column, was taken at the very start of Crazy Hats back in 2001 and is still being used today.

(I am 13 years younger in this photo, so I have no objections!)

It is also difficult to comprehend how far we have moved on since this photo was taken. What started out as simply a fun idea to raise a little bit of money for KGH; an idea so that I could keep in touch with the children at my school, to make them aware of thinking about others; an idea that gave me something to do while undergoing treatment for breast cancer...

Who would have ever thought we would be thinking of celebrating £2m, having increased our pledge of an initial £20,000 to KGH to almost £900,000, with the same going to NGH and smaller amounts to Leicester Royal?

Yes, this photo was the start of something quite remarkable and looking through the heaps of memorabilia brings back so many accounts of people we have met, places we have been, stories we have heard and shared and, we hope, people we have helped. It is an awful amount of money but it is people that have made and make our charity so unique.

We do hope that as many people as possible will join us at our Walk on Sunday, March 22, to unite and celebrate this milestone in the charity’s history.