Glennis Hooper: Parents nurtured passion for gardening

Glennis' parents gave her a passion for gardening
Glennis' parents gave her a passion for gardening

I must have visited every garden centre there is in Northamptonshire, and beyond.

Some readers may remember that my parents used to open their gardens in Barton Seagrave at a time when dad was renowned for his fuchsia growing and his meticulous attention to his multitude of different plants and flowers.

I like to think both mum and dad, who raised a lot of money for various causes, through their hard work, have left us a legacy to enjoy our gardens and to look after them.

As my friend and I were walking round the latest centre to be visited I slightly envied her as she was purchasing a variety of plants to set out and make in to baskets for her large garden.

I live in a ground floor maisonette and have a lot of garden but unfortunately it is all open-plan and very exposed.

So much of it is lawn, although I do love my pots and I have a reasonable sized border to look after – plus a very fit and willing nephew who kindly helps me out with mowing the grass.

I love to look at what other people are buying, wondering what their gardens are like.

On picking up a booklet which gave details of local gardens that are open to the public this year my friend and I earmarked a few to visit.

It is great there are still people out there working hard for the enjoyment of others – and themselves, of course.