Glennis Hooper: Now that’s what I call real entertainment!

Glennis enjoyed watching the Paddington film over Christmas
Glennis enjoyed watching the Paddington film over Christmas

Who needs television when you have youngsters in the house?

After a lengthy break taken over the festive period, I always look forward to getting back to a routine, away from daytime television and the, oh, so often repeats.

The best TV programme, for me, had to be Downton Abbey starring my heart throb, Hugh Bonneville, so I pushed my best friend to come with me to see
Paddington at the cinema.

Surrounded by children and adults like us we really enjoyed the film; it felt good to get lost in the fantasy story line. The word ‘lost’ here is significant.

Having been to the pictures we found ourselves at my friend’s grandchildren’s house the following day to experience a ‘Frozen’ afternoon.

Again, it was very enjoyable as we sang along to the lyrics and watched the story unfold with such amazing visual effects.

My friend’s grandson, aged two-and-a-half, wanted his DVD of Fireman Sam on next but this was short lived when his daddy came home with his ‘tablet’ which Jenson made a beeline for.

What followed was hilarious.

At 60 years old I have great difficulty in using such technology but Jenson knew exactly what ‘apps’ to press and suddenly everything else went into oblivion as he prepared to dance to his favourite songs, posing in an Elvis Presley stance until the beat was right, then he was off, displaying some very impressive moves and very good rhythm!

None of this was for show or to say, ‘Look at me!’


Jenson was completely lost in his music, thoroughly enjoying the moment and going on to dance to other up-beat tracks.

Tears were streaming down our faces as we watched and laughed loudly at this wonderful exhibition of live entertainment which, at the time, even surpassed Hugh’s fine acting!