Glennis Hooper: Never too late to learn something new

Crazy Hats has launched its new website
Crazy Hats has launched its new website

It is never too late to learn.

As a child I always wanted to be a teacher; I loved all aspects of school life and loved to learn new things.

Years on, little has changed except that the brain cells perhaps take longer to absorb and retain information.

In running a charity I have had to adapt to learning new and different areas of work which can be challenging but very rewarding once mastered.

This past week has seen my brain really tested as we went live with our revamped website.

It has been a long time coming but writing a website does not just happen; it has taken weeks of writing, gathering information and checking that everything is accurate.

There are gaps and we have more to add to the site but we are quite happy that we can advertise online facilities for people to enter our forthcoming walk and that viewers are able to keep up-to-date with our news.

Crazy Hats also experienced another first when we organised a craft therapy day at Colemans Craft Warehouse whereby attendees were invited to bring along a photograph of someone or something of significance in their lives and then “scrap” it – using embellishments and text to tell the story of that photograph.

I, along with help from friends, was a teacher again and we had a wonderful time.

What was so uplifting about the day was to see everyone, whose confidence was low, achieve and feel inspired and proud of what they had accomplished.

Just like children they all initially felt they couldn’t do it but, with encouragement and support, they all went away with something to show for their efforts and even brought their masterpieces back to the office the next day.

Please look at our new website (there’s us admiring it in the picture on the right), go to and don’t forget to register for our Walk on Sunday, March 23.