Glennis Hooper: My ‘restful’ week off

Glennis' week off turned out to be busier than she thought it would
Glennis' week off turned out to be busier than she thought it would

As a child I remember my mum having a copy of Woman’s Weekly put by for her at our local newsagents.

As I grew older I remember picking it up occasionally to have a quick look inside, knowing then it was a magazine for the more mature person.

As I grew older still, and when mum lost her sight, she insisted on ordering it and loved it when we read articles to her, as she was so familiar with its contents.

Now, even older and out of loyalty I suppose, I buy it and can relate more to some of its features, one of which is called “It’s a Funny Old World” where celebrities write about their ‘Funny Old Week’; where they’ve been, what they’ve seen, who they’ve met and what they’ve bought.

In an effort to have some kind of a break one could say I’ve had a funny old week.

I experienced giving a talk to a business group of people at a breakfast meeting where I met many new and interesting people.

I’ve also been to a wonderful and successful garden party, hosted for us by one of our valued trustees, where again I felt privileged to be amongst so many inspiring people and where I purchased a lovely pair of slippers, pleased they were such a bargain. What have I seen? A great deal of the inside of my cupboards at home in a desperate effort to create more space and tidy up as I prepare to play host to my own tea party, having scoured copies of Woman’s Weekly over and over again to find suitable recipes that are manageable for my limited skills in the bakery department.

I’m sure the effort will be worth it but who says having a break from work, at home, is restful?