Glennis Hooper: Mum would have approved

Glennis Hooper pictured with her mum Mamie Hooper
Glennis Hooper pictured with her mum Mamie Hooper

With the hype of this year’s Christmas festivities building up, thoughts for this past week have been very much focused on my mum.

Has it really been a year since we lost her? Where has that time gone?

Why is it that as you get older time seems to go by more quickly?

What has happened in that year?

I would have loved to have shared all my news with mum but she is still there, still very much in my heart, and I do tell her, remembering how she would have said “ooh, I say!” and laugh.

Christmas is always an emotive time of year for those who have lost loved ones but we cannot stop time and I have found time does heal, albeit slowly.

Last week, as in previous years, we stood at a Christmas fair run by members of St Andrew’s Church, in Kettering, for charities to promote their services and raise funds by selling their goods.

With the sun beaming through the stained-glass windows, with Christmas music playing, the aroma of mince pies wafting round and the stalls adorned with Christmas lights and wares, the atmosphere was quite special.

It reminded us of Christmases past and of the real meaning of Christmas.

I was Christened at St Andrew’s, my grandparents’ ashes are buried there and I even sang a solo there, so, for me, the church held many personal memories and being there helped enormously, especially in this difficult week.

As always, we met some lovely people.

The organisers should be congratulated on working so hard to provide such a meaningful event and giving visitors and stallholders an opportunity to spend time in their church – to wander, to sit and to reflect, while mayhem reigned in the busy streets outside. Mum would have approved.