Glennis Hooper: I feel lucky to have reached walk 13

Last year's Crazy Hats Walk at Wicksteed Park
Last year's Crazy Hats Walk at Wicksteed Park

For the past 13 years I have always felt a little apprehension at this time of year.

Back in 2002 when our charity was in its infancy, it was the children I taught who came up with the idea of organising a sponsored walk to raise funds; an activity we had successfully done many at school.

But would it work with adults?

The children said it would make no difference. They were right, of course.

Treading tentatively into the unknown, we were delighted when our first walk at Wicksteed Park attracted 250 people and raised an incredible £7,500.

This was a huge amount of money!

Was it right to do it for a second year? Yes.

We learned a great deal from the first one and in 2004 more than 500 walkers came along, raising over £15,000. And so the story continues.

Here we are, fast approaching our “12+1” (13th) Annual Walk organised for Sunday, March 22, knowing, year on year, expectations and hopes are that, once again, it will surpass all records.

Last year saw 2,800 people whose lives had been affected by breast cancer in the county, don crazy hats with £55,000 being raised, helping us to donate more than £80,000 to support projects at both Kettering and Northampton breast care units.

Thank you.

Every year I always hope that we will exceed the 3,000 entry, with the management of Wicksteed Park telling me they can accommodate double that. The potential is certainly there.

So, as we put everything into place, praying that the weather will be kind to us, please think about joining in this year.

If your life has been affected by breast cancer in any way you will understand why it is important to be involved and part of an event that is so personal, so rewarding and so uplifting.