Glennis Hooper: How do I prioritise on a day like this?

It's impossible to prioritise at Crazy Hats, says Glennis
It's impossible to prioritise at Crazy Hats, says Glennis
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Back in the days I was working towards becoming a headteacher.

I had to gain an additional qualification which required a great deal of hands-on administrative work; work that was thought typical of a primary head teacher of that time.

One assignment I have never forgotten was when we had to list “everything” we had done in a working day and then prioritise to manage such a day better. I still have that list and remembered it one day last week when we had had a particularly “crazy” day in the office.

How I could have prioritised this day is a no-goer, for every moment mattered; every moment mattered to me and to those I was with.

Having written many thank you letters prior to starting the “real day” I was faced with a phone call and texts from my bank making me aware that my card may have been fraudulently used.

Thankfully, after numerous conversations and checks, it hadn’t. By then many people had arrived to share our popular coffee and chat morning, all eager to give updates of their treatment and general “getting on with their life” achievements and progress – such a wonderful, positive atmosphere.

Sadly, and unexpectedly, I then spent much-needed, one-to-one time with a man who had recently lost his wife to breast cancer.

This was followed by welcoming Radio Northampton to the office to interview our guests about having to pay to see a doctor, or not.

People called in with sponsor money, donations and home-made cakes; emails came from endless sources; a weekend event had to be planned for and then the rain – such heavy downpours that flooded our entrance...

Out of interest, I made a list of the happenings.

What you read is just a snapshot. How can you prioritise such a day? You can’t; but we can learn from it.