Glennis Hooper: Hat contest took me back to the early days

Glennis returned to Victoria Primary Academy in Wellingborough
Glennis returned to Victoria Primary Academy in Wellingborough

Number 13 certainly proved to be a very lucky for us at our 13th annual walk.

We were all so relieved and delighted to be able to experience bright sunshine and warm spring-like weather; it was a first to actually see walkers sit and relax in the grounds of Wicksteed Park after the walk, enjoying picnics with their friends and families.

It was a wonderful day and we thank everyone for making it so successful and memorable.

Our awards evening was also just as enjoyable.

Whose sponsorship money will take us over the magical £2 million figure?

We will let you know.

Feeling tired, but very happy, and working hard to tidy up after such a huge event, we were invited to Victoria Primary Academy in Wellingborough, where I was once deputy head, to judge their Crazy Hat competition.

Memories of our first ever Crazy Hats Day in schools across the county, back in 2002, came flooding back as my friend, who also used to work there, and I entered the school hall to be welcomed by the staff and children.

What a sight awaited us!

Almost all the children and staff were proudly wearing highly-decorated and highly-coloured hats of all descriptions.

I, personally, felt so touched and emotional thinking of the thought and effort that had been put in to creating this spectacular display and why they had done it.

The children were really excited as they paraded round the hall in their respective year groups, eagerly, joyfully and bashfully eyeing us with expectant looks as if to say: “Is mine a winner?”

It was so, so hard to choose winners, for in our eyes they were all winners.

A huge thank you to you all and commiserations to the site supervisor who had to sweep the floor of all the trimmings left behind!