Glennis Hooper: Crazy Hats services more popular than ever

The popularity of Crazy Hats' services means bigger premises are needed, says Glennis
The popularity of Crazy Hats' services means bigger premises are needed, says Glennis

Anyone passing by our office on a Thursday morning may wonder what is going on.

The sounds of laughter and many, many voices often fill the air from our headquarters on the Finedon Road Industrial Estate.

Each Thursday we run a very popular coffee and chat session, combined with a complementary therapy service, whereby breast cancer patients and their carers come along to share their experiences with like-minded people, discuss and compare their treatments and generally offload. We have been doing this for over two years now and each week we welcome new visitors, many of who have been recently diagnosed.

Last week one such lady nervously arrived on our doorstep and said she was so surprised to hear laughter.

Yes, despite the serious subject matter, we do laugh, for many would say, laughter is the best medicine and can be so uplifting.

We are delighted our service is so popular but are now concerned that we cannot cater for the numbers coming through our doors. No one complains, but we feel frustrated that we are unable to spend quality time, or provide privacy for visitors, all of who have made a determined effort to come along, some often feeling quite unwell.

Therefore, we are proactively working with our MP, local town and county councillors, businesses and individuals to determine where we go next. Our service should be available on a much more regular basis in bigger and better-suited premises so that we can help people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer and offer levels of support that are desperately needed.

The future looks exciting as we look ahead to the next phase of our charity, as well as concentrating on securing projects for equipment and resources in the breast care units at our two major hospitals. We welcome readers’ ideas and thoughts.