Glennis Hooper: Another year older... another year wiser?

Another year older... another year wiser?
Another year older... another year wiser?

I’m not sure if I go along with the saying “Another year older, another year wiser,” although there must be some truth in it.

As I grow older birthdays seem to come and go too quickly and already people are saying, “It’s the big one next year Glennis!” – not that I need reminding.

I definitely feel older at times, and I would like to think wiser but, like birthdays, time itself goes by at such a speed that it is often difficult to determine what day of the week it is.

My birthday highlight was when my mum, 89, very frail and in poor health, was able to sing to me.

She looked so, so happy and the smile on her face was something I will remember and treasure for the rest of my lifetime.

I really do admire her courage, her strength and her determination to be with us.

My next visit was to see my best friend in hospital who had just undergone surgery for breast cancer.

She was sitting up eating a cream cake, so I knew physically all was well, but I also knew what a worrying time it must have been for her family.

Having “been there” and having had my best friend there to support me so well, this was, and is, my time to help her.

I can confidently say I did feel wiser in being able to reassure her, knowing treatments have advanced so much in the intervening years, and knowing I, her loving family, her friends and we, as a charity, will be there for her, and others, in the forthcoming period.