Glennis Hooper

Glennis is preparing to de-clutter
Glennis is preparing to de-clutter

With the new date for our walk firmly fixed in people’s minds and with better weather to follow, I can relax and turn my attention to other things.

A break over the Easter period was very much welcomed and knowing I had booked a table for our forthcoming ‘de-clutter’ table-top sale I decided it was time to face my demons, open the wardrobe and other cupboards and have my own de-clutter session.

Oh, what a daunting task!

I admit to being a hoarder; not of everything, I might add, but of objects, books and other things that all have a sentimental meaning; that hold a memory, that might be useful.

Over the years I have collected cats, pigs, teddy bears, plates, thimbles, stamps, photographs, postcards, books, more books, art materials, theatre programmes and much more.

But do I really need them? In theory, you think you will be brave and ruthless in de-cluttering, but when it comes to physically putting treasured items into boxes, perhaps never to be seen again, it is very hard.

The intentions were there, but once doors were thrown open, time just seemed to slip away.

The decision to let go of these possessions just got harder.

Our sale is not for a few weeks so I will go back and try again, but for now I am engrossed in looking through more boxes wondering what I have started, knowing I have the garage to tackle as well!