Glennis Hooper

Glennis' photo diary includes snowdrops at Deene Park
Glennis' photo diary includes snowdrops at Deene Park

For years and years I have kept a personal diary.

It is a daily ritual that gives me great satisfaction but I wonder what will become of my diaries when I am no longer here.

I can’t say I am looking forward to my old age but am looking forward to reading back about my life’s adventures.

This year I have chosen a different approach and have started a visual diary, taking a photograph of something I have experienced or witnessed every day.

It is a huge undertaking, especially as I am adding journal notes and captions to each photograph.

Already, having completed January, the project has opened my eyes to the fact that there is a very big world out there and we should endeavour to get out and see as much of it as possible.

Of course, this does not detract from all the daily responsibilities we have; they are very much part of it and it does create a wonderful talking point when you are taking quite bizarre photographs and explaining your actions.

Keeping to just one picture a day is also proving difficult.

For example, last weekend, my friend and I visited Deene Park to look at the beautiful snowdrops so my memory card for February is almost full.

It is a challenging project that I am confident of finishing and I know the end result will be a wonderful keepsake.

My only problem is that it is going to be one huge diary so wherever I may end up, I hope it has plenty of storage space!