Glennis Hooper

The recent snow has made Glennis wish she were young again
The recent snow has made Glennis wish she were young again

I wasn’t going to write about the British weather but having been indoors now for a third day, due to the atrocious condition of the untreated roads on the estate on which I live, it is the weather that is uppermost in my mind and, I am sure, on the minds of much of the rest of the nation.

More snow is falling as I write and I am aching from the energy which I expended yesterday while clearing my pathways and digging myself a route out to my car, which had to be parked away from my house.

It is frustrating having to do all of this but, despite it, while I was out there with my shovel and grit I could not help but notice the sounds around me could be likened to that of a school playground.

I live next to a greenbelt which is a paradise for children and adults alike when we have had a substantial snowfall.

Families, all wrapped up in colourful winter wear, were in abundance and the shrieks and sounds of laughter as they threw snowballs at each other and plummeted down slopes on their bought and makeshift sledges was infectious and so very uplifting.

It was a joy to be alive.

I enjoyed myself simply watching these people having so much fun and found myself wishing I were young again.

Then I thought of all the things I should have been doing.

With enforced time at home you would think all those unfinished jobs would be done and the house would be spotless.

Some were, but it didn’t help my good intentions when a GP on the television said what a good idea it was to eat “comfort” food to keep warm during these cold snaps.

So, with a bowl of sweet porridge at my side it looks like this will be another day of people watching and yet more snow clearing... when it stops!