Glennis Hooper

Glennis is full of admiration for people who lose weight
Glennis is full of admiration for people who lose weight

When you read this week’s column you will have all no doubt indulged in the rich foods that Christmas offers.

You still have the New Year festivities to get through and if, like me, you know you have overdone things, you will be thinking that in the year ahead you must lose weight; it may even be one of your resolutions.

I have given up on those. For as many years as I can remember the desire to lose weight has always been at the top of the list, with other meaningful wishes following close behind.

My willpower is such that these dreams may last a day or two, perhaps a few weeks, but then the novelty and the pressure wears thin.

I really do wish I possessed the willpower that many seem to have.

For the past eight years I have, on every Wednesday evening, assisted my friend, a Slimming World consultant in Wellingborough, at her weekly class.

I was her money lady who greeted the members.

Now retired from this post I would like to mention how inspirational so many of Marilyn’s members were.

Every week when they arrived it was noticeable how I saw “less of them” and the look on their faces when the scales said there had been a loss was lovely to see and I truly admired them for their determination.

This is not a resolution and certainly not a promise, but in 2013 I am going to try. To all those who feel as I do – good luck! May I wish all readers a happy and a healthy New Year.