Glennis Hooper

Glennis is full of admiration for craftspeople
Glennis is full of admiration for craftspeople

It never ceases to amaze me how talented and gifted many people are.

With Christmas fast approaching we have recently had stands at various Christmas fetes in Rushden.

One was for Ladies Who Love to Shop at Christmas organised by Elaine, where there were some really beautiful hand-made items on show that must have taken a very long time to make and were sold at prices that would not necessarily make a profit; the items being made for love of the craft.

Years ago my sister, mum and I teamed up and called ourselves The Embroidery Hoops.

After long working days we would spend hours making intricate and expensive embroidery items and went to craft shows all over the county to sell our wares.

We were never reimbursed for the cost and time in making such items but the thrill of selling something was so exciting; it was fun and we had pleasure in the making of them.

The other event in Rushden was held at the Colemans Craft Warehouse.

They held a charity Christmas craft evening and stallholders took along a wonderful variety of home-made items to sell.

I proudly put out items that Crazy Hats members had kindly donated to us. We had boxes of some beautiful goods which sold quickly with people being very generous.

I was also intrigued to listen to the purchasers’ stories and who they were buying the items for.

I sincerely hope the recipients will value and treasure the hand-made items and respect the love that has been given in making them.