Glennis Hooper

My parents always instilled in my two sisters, my brother and me, that if we were to do ‘anything’ we were to try our very best to do it as well as we could.

I always remember this, especially when we are setting up our stands at the start of a busy fundraising day and my colleagues tease me about being a perfectionist.

Older readers who live locally may remember that mum and dad used to run fruit and vegetable shops and stood on the market, in days when markets were at the heart of the community; days when we, as a family, were all expected to work hard in the business.

When it came to displaying his goods dad set really high standards and his stall was always a picture.

His sense of pride and precision obviously had a strong impact on me, hence why I am so particular on how our stall looks.

I often feel my dad is sitting on my shoulder, making sure I am doing what I am doing as well as I can.

Last weekend we stood in Corby town centre to promote breast cancer awareness month and once our stall was set up I could relax and enjoy meeting and chatting with many, many more people, who were, indeed, very generous and complimentary of the work we are doing.

Despite life’s challenges, it never ceases to amaze me just how supportive members of the public are. I hope I can put some of this down to our team having high and consistent standards and portraying a good image.

Thank you to everyone, but special thanks to mum and dad.