Glennis Hooper

September is a time for new beginnings, says Glennis
September is a time for new beginnings, says Glennis

Throughout my teaching career I always loved the start of a new academic year in September.

In July, on the last day of the old school year, there were often feelings of sadness, and perhaps joy, as you waved goodbye to your class of children and to the “characters” of the school who had made lasting impressions.

Prior to the start of term I used to love getting the school and my classroom ready for the new intake, stocking up on new books, pens, pencils, preparing stimulating displays and seeking out other resources that you hoped would excite and inspire the children.

On that first day as you went out to the playground and watched the youngsters, some nervous, some confident, all dressed in their smart new uniforms, there was always a feeling of anticipation as to what the next few months would bring.

For teachers, as my career progressed, sadly it was targets and performance tables that were uppermost in our minds; for children it was a new adventure, time together that should not be wasted or abused.

I would have been starting my 12th year as headteacher this year and yes, I miss it terribly, but in running our charity, which is so rewarding, I still see each September as a new beginning.

Although I do not have a new class of children in front of me, I often feel that running Crazy Hats can be likened to running a school. As our adventure continues I know we will see many new faces this year.