Glennis Hooper

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I realise I have not kept you up-to-date with what is happening in the world of the Crazy Hats charity.

I am currently putting together a bumper newsletter as well as designing and writing a new website – both challenging and time-consuming, but immensely satisfying.

This is on top of organising the diary and events for a hectic period awaiting us on our return from a short break as well as attending to everyday affairs.

While at the office last week the phone line and emails were busy and in the short space of time we heard about five sad losses to the disease; one of them a dear member whose funeral we attended and where I had the honour of reading the eulogy.

Be assured this is not a common occurrence; we have far more positive stories than negative ones but this was an eye-opener as to what we are really about.

We had a successful day at Kettering carnival which meant more money to fund projects at KGH and NGH.

But running a charity is not all about money. Over the years we have realised how crucial the listening ear can be and how support for the families and friends of breast cancer patients is so very much needed.

At her funeral Julie (Stevie) wanted those present to hear the quote: “There is no cure for birth or death, save to enjoy the interval.”

Sadly, Julie’s interval, and that of others, was cut short, but while our interval continues we will continue to enjoy what we do and trust we are making a difference.