Glennis Hooper

Glennis Hooper from Crazy Hats
Glennis Hooper from Crazy Hats

One of my hobbies is scrapbooking. Every Thursday evening I meet up with my sister and other enthusiasts, and while chatting and catching up on the week’s gossip, we sit and scrap.

Scrapbooking is not just a question of sticking newspaper or magazine cuttings and/or pictures on to a page, although, for some, this may be adequate and a lovely and meaningful way of preserving their memories.

The scrapbooking my sister and I do is more detailed and entails taking a special photograph, or a series of photos, adding words, a title and lots of embellishments to bring the photo alive so the page created tells a story. It is a very addictive hobby but very fulfilling and rewarding.

I also really enjoy writing and keep a daily diary and love photography.

While reading through a craft magazine recently I read an article of a fellow scrapper who recorded seven days of her life in photographic form, snapping everything she did in each of the 24 hours and producing a book.

This challenge really captured my imagination and I knew I had to have a go. I didn’t plan my week; the week I chose was an ordinary week.

Have you ever stopped to think of all the things you do in one day?

And I really mean ALL the things?

I was amazed when I realised just how many tasks I physically and mentally had to do, how many people I met and spoke to, places I went to, how many different topics were discussed; some of them expected, some spontaneous, some of them mundane, some interesting and stimulating.

I took 200 photographs from making egg mayonnaise sandwiches, to playing football, seeing my mum, working at the office, judging a competition, shopping, reading, gardening, writing, ironing – the list is endless.

To what purpose I hear you say? Well, I went on line and produced a photo book to record my week’s activities and added a comment to each photo, feeling quite proud of the end result.

To anyone else such a project may seem meaningless, but to me, apart from it being a lot of fun, I know that when I am older and perhaps retired, sitting in my room, somewhere, I will be able to look back affectionately at that one week in my life and visually bring to mind so many everyday memories.

Time passes us all by so, so quickly. Why not have a go yourselves? Be prepared to be amazed!