Dr John Smith: Something to shout about

Strictly Got to Dance for Cransley
Strictly Got to Dance for Cransley

One thousand people screaming and yelling, in the nicest possible way of course.

It was 11.30pm and they had just raised a total approaching £45,000 for Cransley Hospice.

But they were not making this enormous barrage of sound just because a lot of money had been raised.

They had been at fever pitch all night supporting nine dance teams competing in “Strictly Got to Dance for Cransley”.

Nine dance teams made up from hospital departments, schools, hotels, local businesses and the hospice itself.

Nine teams supported by dance teachers who had worked their socks off, or their dancing shoes, for the last few weeks to perfect their routines.

Not only that, they worked too to get the financial support they needed and all that has ended up in the Cransley pot.

They loved it and so did we, they smiled and so did we, they laughed and so did we, they screamed with delight and so did we, they danced and so did we.

It is events like this that make sense of fundraising.

Get a good idea; in this case it came from MaSh Dance Studio.

Work on it, gather people around you, grow the enthusiasm, work very hard, have fun (that is very important) and the end result could be £45,000 for the work of the hospice or, of course, other charities.

Always talk to the charity first before you get started, they can guide and advise.

You, the people of Northamptonshire are amazingly generous and we should celebrate that.

Whether you give or raise a pound or hundreds of pounds it matters not.

It is the acts of doing and giving that matters, thinking beyond yourself and caring about others.

Isn’t that how we are meant to be, loving and caring? And when we do that, love and care comes bouncing back to us.

It really is something to shout and scream about... loving, caring and giving too.