Dr John Smith: Possessions count for nothing in the end

What are your most prized possessions, asks Dr John
What are your most prized possessions, asks Dr John

If your house caught fire what would you want to try and save?

It is a hypothetical question so I do not need to say – save nothing, save yourself and others and get out of the house.

But it is a way of thinking about what is important to you. What would you find it difficult to live without.

For some it would be photographs, for others the computer with all its stored memories.

Many might rush to save insurance policies, that would be a more logical and practical approach, as saving a diary might be.

There may be those with a sense of the ridiculous who would gather up their make-up, “ I can’t be seen without it!”

That apart, I would suggest most of us would want something with meaning rather than value.

Valuables can be replaced. Meaning associated with sometimes the smallest of objects cannot be.

It is so often the little things that jog the memory and pull the heart strings.

We live in a world where people seem to want more and more so that nothing has any real value.

Anything and everything can be replaced if you have the money so to do, but those things will have little meaning.

I can think of friends who materially possess almost nothing, but what they have they cherish and appreciate and most of what they have is in their hearts and nowhere else.

No fire can take that away, no thief can come in the night and rob them because they have what so many of us never will.

A contentment, a love and appreciation of the life that they have been given, a deep friendship with a few friends, a gratitude beyond measure for life itself.

An ability to love, to forgive and be forgiven that is beyond most of us.

They have what has become hidden in our lives, that are full of “things” and yet more “things” that in the end count for nothing.