Dr John Smith: Kettering East is on its way

More houses will lead to more traffic jams, says Dr John
More houses will lead to more traffic jams, says Dr John
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It is beginning, a foretaste of what is to come.

I can hear the sound of diggers and drilling even though it must be a mile away. It will get closer, much closer and the noise will increase.

The landscape is changing, fields, spinneys and copses will be transformed into houses, roads and gardens. For many it will become a dream come true and for some it will be a nightmare.

Five thousand houses, a medical centre, some schools, playing fields, small businesses... Kettering East is on its way.

Our county is expanding –well, the population is.

Small and large developments here, there and everywhere.

Contrary to many of you, I suspect, I understand the need for more housing.

But in common with all of you I resent the disturbance and inconvenience it will cause in the short and long-term.

Noise, mud, traffic jams today, increase in hospital waiting times, less choice in school places, worse parking and, yes, traffic jams tomorrow.

These fears may be irrational but some of them won’t be. We feel like losers because we did not want any of this expansion.

It is true powerlessness that gets to you and the lack of understanding.

Let me explain. Last week in the Telegraph I read of objections to the increased traffic volumes produced by a small housing development.

It was overruled because it was within national and local guidelines.

That may well be the case but there will be more traffic and life will be less pleasant.

Nobody ever seems to quite understand that our homes are not just the building where we live, it is the neighbourhood as well.

And we do not want it to change. Someone else’s dream is our nightmare.