Dr John Smith: Join me in celebrating a ‘celebrity-free’ day

Dr John wants a day free of celebrities
Dr John wants a day free of celebrities

A wonderful thing about local or regional newspapers is that they are celebrity-free.

Well almost, as some of them have a tendency to buy in columns by celebrities.

Call me boring if you like but I would love to see a celebrity-free world.

Knowing that is not possible could we stretch to a celebrity-free day?

Yes, you will have to count that word but not one celebrity name will cross my lips as you read this.

There are billions and billions of us who live in this world and make it what it is – an extraordinary place.

There are not billions of celebrities, there might be a million or two and there may only be a few hundred A-list celebrities plus a few thousand B and C, but we hear about them all the time.

They fill our lives with their lives, their opinions, their clothes, their relationships, their fads and fancies.

If we are not careful we want to look like them, speak like them, think like them, be them.

Oh dear, I almost forgot one thing, they generally have a lot of money and that is very important too.

Whatever the topic of the day is their opinions are sought, not ours because being a celebrity gives value and gravitas to what they say.

And what they say is sometimes very, very silly and at times dangerous.

In their world we do not exist except they need us to sustain them in their world, which is so different from ours.

So different that they all want to live in the same expensive parts of London and the Cotswolds.

Close proximity to us might make them feel uncomfortable.

They wield enormous power and influence so let’s use our power just for a day and have that celebrity-free day.

Do not watch them, read about them, think about them and do not mention their names.

Just one day – that is all I am asking, and what a wonderful day that would be.