Dr John Smith

How many of us stopped to consider the meaning of Christmas, asks Dr Smith
How many of us stopped to consider the meaning of Christmas, asks Dr Smith

It’s a busy time of year for you clergy with Christmas and all that’ is an often-repeated phrase that I hear.

And it is, but it’s a busy time for everyone.

Schools are frantic, shops open all hours, refuse collectors doing extra rounds, delivery vans coming and going, mums and dads busy shopping, wrapping, cooking and clearing up.

Busy, busy, busy.

And then it all stops... Christmas Day passes, but it doesn’t stop, does it. Boxing Day comes and £3bn is spent – or that is the hope. Boxing Day is bargain day.

No peace, no time for the world to stop… credit cards overspent so back to work to pay it off.

We must all suffer from a collective madness in a world that does not dare to slow down.


Because we might have to think about what we are doing and what our life is all about.

So, can I talk for a moment about Christmas and all that.

We sing carols and go to nativity plays but do we get a sense of what the carols mean and do we think a nativity play is just a story?

After all it does seem crazy, God becoming human on a cold winter night.

It doesn’t fit with our modern rational world – it is beyond belief.

Yes it is, and that is why it makes sense, a sense of wonder in the extraordinary and inexplicable.

A small baby that cries out for us, that says you matter, we matter.

We matter not for what we have, not for what we spend, not for the job we do, not for being famous but simply because we are.

And when we matter we know that we are loved and cared for.

So let’s slow down and stop all this busyness just for a while, appreciate it, and thank God for it – that is what I am doing.