Dr John Smith

We were sitting in a queue of traffic in Deeble Road when we saw hundreds of school children, of all ages and dressed in mufti, some eccentrically.

The older ones were clearly looking after the younger ones, but what were they doing? And what school were they from.

The answer came when we saw some of them walking past our home in Barton Seagrave.

They were all walking for Cransley Hospice. And the school? Kettering Science Academy, the whole school including the very young from Year 6 of the junior department.

I know one of the objectives would have been to raise money through sponsorship for the hospice.

I say a very, very big thank you for that. But I also know that the pupils will have become aware of all that Cransley is trying to do for the community – caring for the very sick and those with difficult symptoms and, yes, caring for the dying too.

I am glad a handful of the older students have visited Cransley Hospice and learned about how we care for the patients and their families and that caring about other people and valuing them as individuals is one of the most important things that we do.

In a society that often seems to shout “me, me, me” it is good to know the opposite is true, the message can be “you, you, you, it’s all about you, not me”.

The word hospice literally means a resting place on a journey, a journey that, in the end, we must all make.

The students at Kettering Science Academy, and all of our schools, are on a journey too.

A journey that will have untold possibilities, a journey of joy and, at times, intense sadness, a journey that is full of wonder, of the life that they all have and the life they will all lead.

A school, a walk, a journey, it all fits together – a life.