Small-screen friends - Diary of a Corona Kid (week 8)

So, no-one told you life was gonna be this way. Most people I know would clap four times at hearing this line!

Picture posed by model
Picture posed by model

Not just because they agree that its sentiment is very appropriate at the moment, but because it is the line that means you’ll be happy for at least the next half an hour.

The theme song from ‘Friends’ never fails to make me smile. I first watched it before pre-school while I was eating my breakfast. It was on Channel 4 in the mornings, and yes, it was edited for family viewing before anyone asks.

I properly got into the show when I started secondary school, watching it in the holidays inbetween my fun runs and gym sessions (funnily enough, no one remembers those).

I must admit I am slightly obsessed, like one of those annoying people who can quote lines and makes references all day.

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe do become your friends, which is handy in lockdown when you can’t really see your own.

If you’ve never seen it, give it a try! It’s sort of like a guide to growing up once you hit your 20s, which isn’t far away for people my age.

Even though the sitcom is now 25 years old, the jokes still work, despite the use of pagers and brick-sized phones.

Ross and Rachel never seem to make a relationship work; Monica cleans everything; and Joey doesn’t share food.

All of these characters fit into modern life, so, in these tough times, they’ll be there for you too.

Especially when lockdown seems more confusing than maths ever was. Some school years may return, or may not, but Year 11 definitely won’t.

We aren’t really sure about whether we’ll get induction days, and once we are at sixth form college we probably will still have to social distance.

This could be incredibly problematic in canteen queues, which are a challenge at the best of times.

I’m considering purchasing a two-metre stick to keep others away.

I’m guessing that’s what they mean by ‘Stay Alert’?