Exercise escape ... the Diary of a Corona Kid (Week 4)

If you are reading this column, you too have made it through another round of Lockdown UK! Well done!

Caitlin (not pictured) is turning to exercise to alleviate boredom
Caitlin (not pictured) is turning to exercise to alleviate boredom

Be sure to collect your free egg and bog roll on the way out.

To those of you who know me, it will come as a huge surprise that I have decided to start a new exercise regime.

To those who don’t know me, I have jogged every day since one year of age and am a champion synchronised swimmer/Ninja warrior.

I apologise. This is, perhaps, ‘Fake News’.

Anyway, the truth is, I have actually started some keep fit stuff that normally only annoying Lycra-clad people do.

It was either that or be found in a chocolate-induced coma on Easter Sunday with a Mini Egg stuffed up my nose.

I went on a jog the other day. Well, I walked around and broke into a run whenever I saw somebody I knew in the distance.

I even picked up a few weights so that the next time I have to carry a school bag, I don’t fall over like a tortoise with a large shell.

Being an athlete can be challenging.

There is a strict timetable of walking downstairs followed by an intense sitting- down session when I watch a bit of This Morning.

They sometimes feature a workout session with a nice grandad from Scotland whose wife videos him doing some stretches and the odd squat, which you can join in with if you like less hip replacement-inducing exercise.

However, for those like me who love nothing more than a burpee next to the coffee table, there is Mr Joseph Wicks (pictured left).

He’s the Jamie Oliver of sport: bish bash bosh and next thing you know you’re in activewear sipping a kale smoothie.

Anyone got a bag of crisps?