Column: Now is the time to place your trust in Theresa

PM Theresa May
PM Theresa May

Our columnist Helen Bach says now is the time to start backing the Prime Minister Theresa May...

Think back to when you were at school, going on geography field trips or similar.

Imagine there were two teachers accompanying your trip – one, an experienced leader, mature, sensible; the other, less experienced, a bit gung-ho, reckless even.

You reach a rickety looking rope bridge, stretching across a very deep canyon.

No-one’s sure what’s on the other side – this is before thorough risk assessments, the internet, detailed maps even.

You all stop and survey the scene.

The canyon is seemingly bottomless, the bridge looks decidedly unsafe, you’re all a little bit scared.

The sensible teacher says that we’ll all stay this side of the bridge.

She doesn’t know what’s on the other side, the route looks unsafe, and she’s thinking of the good of the whole party.

The other teacher says that a glittering future and endless riches could be on the other side, and that we should risk it all, whatever the consequences.

What would you do?

Would you listen to the experienced leader, the one who seems to have everyone’s best interests at heart?

Or would you follow the promise of something which may or may not be true?

I know I’d be firmly on this side of the canyon, trusting what I can see with my own eyes and putting my faith in a person who wouldn’t lead us all into disaster for the sake of their own personal glory or ambition.

That’s how I feel about Theresa May and the current Brexit situation.

Whether you like her or not, I’d put more trust in a conviction politician like her not to lead us to disaster, which is what a no-deal Brexit would be by all accounts.

Politicians from all parties need to remember that they are there to serve us, the people, not gamble the country’s future while keeping an eye on furthering their own careers.

For the good of the whole United Kingdom, the time has surely come to put aside personal ambition and party differences, work together and find a Brexit solution that’s right for everyone?