Column: Change is good - if it is for the right reasons!

The Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament

Our columnist Richard Oliffe says change - some but not all - is good, in this week’s column.

During the past 20 years, perhaps even more, we seem to have spent a great deal of our time putting yesterday right.

From equal opportunities for all, no smoking in public, the reduction of our use of carbon fuels and a recognition of global warming, race relations and integration, recycling, exercise, the list is endless. But is there one thing: that one item of human behaviour or reversed legislation from times past that you wish could return, with no strings attached?

I, for one, miss manners. Does anyone remember manners?

The one quality that may be applied to a thousand applications and scenarios.

Having said all of that, does it therefore equate that in 30 years’ time we will put right all the wrongs from today.

I can’t remember us putting anything right in the 60s, we simply lived a life.

From no matter what era you may consider yourself to be a part, it’s hardly surprising that we might all sometimes wonder what people from previous generations might make of the life we are living today.

My parents both died in the 70s having left behind their four children to cope with a future of their own making though, on reflection, it seems there are occasions when I can’t help but wonder if my parents’ generation might judge us as we judge them equally for their lack of political correctness.

Their factories belched all kinds of poisons into our lungs, yet employed thousands of people on invariably union negotiated wages that fed many thousands more, sitting around equally as many dining tables.

Our male dominated political leaders operated behind the impenetrable walls of Westminster with only the results of decided legislation being pumped out to the media and onto the greater population.

Change is good, if for the right reasons.

More women in parliament, yet there’s fewer police officers on our streets.

Smoking is banned in public places, yet I still haven’t worked out how to gamble responsibly.