Bink up your bunny by getting it neutered

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Having your rabbit neutered is one of the most important steps you can take to help your pet enjoy a happy, healthy and long life.

So how does neutering help?

We do know that neutered rabbits are healthier because the risk of common cancers in the female is much reduced.

Male rabbits when neutered are much happier and relaxed and are less likely to fight with each other.

Neutered rabbits are calmer; they are more loving to us and far more relaxed overall.

Neutered male rabbits don’t spray urine; unneutered rabbits do! Yuk!

Sadly there are lots and lots of rabbits in rescue centres looking for lovely homes.

Neutering your pet ensures that they won’t add to the rabbit over population.

Rabbits are social creatures, and are happier living in pairs and neutered rabbits are even more sociable.

They will enjoy yours and each other’s company so much more if neutered.

Neutering removes the hormones which can make your rabbit anxious and even at times aggressive.

So chill out your bunnies by having them neutered.

Neutered rabbits are easier to litter train, if you want to keep your pet indoors as a house rabbit.

Having your bunny neutered is a recognized and regular procedure.

All rabbits can be neutered from 3-4 months of age.

Neutering requires a general anaesthetic, which usually means leaving your pet with your vet for the day, but returning home to you that same evening.

Did you know that a happy rabbit is one that will jump and twist and be full of the joys of life.

When they jump and twist it is called a ‘binky’!! So ‘bink’ up your bunny & get them neutered!