Alec Swann - Time to go pro Ryan?

Northamptonshire Telegraph's sports writers Jon Dunham, Jim Lyon and Alec Swann.
Northamptonshire Telegraph's sports writers Jon Dunham, Jim Lyon and Alec Swann.

If you take an interest in the local golfing scene you may have noticed that Ryan Evans is currently having a pretty good time of it.

A couple of wins in Australia during a lengthy sojourn down under consolidated Evans’ spot in the higher echelons of the world amateur rankings and provided the latest addition to an increasingly stellar CV.

Next up is a trip to Spain to represent England in the European Nations Championship, another stamp to put in a passport that is becoming more chock-a-block by the week.

I’m sure there are other feats the Wellingborough member would like to accomplish on the amateur scene and I’m certainly in no position to question any of his future golfing plans.

The only query I would be keen on hearing an answer to is whether or not he is intending on turning professional.

Playing off a plus-five handicap (I think that’s correct), Evans is obviously an extremely talented player with a game which must, surely, be good enough to compete a more rarefied level.

I can recall reading an interview with Nick Faldo in a golf magazine a few years ago where he stated that unless an amateur could routinely shoot scores four shots lower than par, they would be wasting their time trying to make their way in the professional game.

His reasoning, and he couldn’t be better placed to offer a reasoned opinion, was that there those who make a living from the game, and certainly at the top level, are so good that merely being a talented player isn’t enough to make an impression.

Having played a few rounds alongside club professionals, I can see what Faldo was alluding to.

These were very good golfers but would have been fishes out of water if placed among a field of the elite because the difference in standard is so vast.

That would be a sobering thought for any wannabe pro - it would certainly make me think twice of I could play at that level - but even so, I wonder if Evans is considering trying to disprove this theory.

Exceptionally talented and seemingly in his prime, the window to make such a transition doesn’t seem to be particularly vast and striking while the iron is hot would appear to be the way to go.

Evans has reached the top in his sphere of the game, is it now the time for him to set his sights even higher?