Alasdair McNee: Wicksteed community is one big happy family

Wicky Bear and some of the children attempting to break the teddy bear chain world record last week
Wicky Bear and some of the children attempting to break the teddy bear chain world record last week

Phew, what a scorcher! to pinch an old newspaper headline from the 1980s.

It is certainly true that the gorgeous weather in July has given many thousands of you the chance to come down to see us at the park.

There is no denying that sunshine really brings the park into its own and highlights what a focal point it is for local people.

But what the past few weeks have also confirmed to me is that Wicksteed Park isn’t just in Kettering – it’s part of the Kettering community.

The likes of Facebook and Twitter make it a lot easier for us to build that feeling – and many thousands of people interact with us that way.

You keep us on our toes when you feel we haven’t got things quite right and you help us spread the word when we want to get important messages out.

One such example was the need to warn people about the dangers of using barbecues in the park.

Unlike many venues, we encourage people to barbecue – because it’s a great way for many of you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

But we need people to be responsible and to take precautions such as lifting barbecues off the ground, keeping them a distance from fire hazards such as long grass (which is now very dry), hedges and trees and carefully disposing of the hot ash.

This is a message the Wicksteed community had helped us get across, so thank you to everyone.

It’s a great feeling to know that so many people hold the park’s best interests at heart and are willing to help us in whatever way they can.

But as much as social media can help us build the community feel of the park, there is nothing to beat people coming down with their families and enjoying a great day out.

That is why we are planning more events such as Wednesday’s fun and games to mark National Playday.

Hopefully, many of you were here to help us (and Wicky Bear) try to break the world record for a teddy bear chain.

By now you will know if we were successful or not. But even if we weren’t, the day was still a massive success because it brought the park and the community together.

The park is here for you to enjoy and feel a part of – and world record or not, we will continue to work to build on that relationship.