Alasdair McNee: We want your Wicksteed Park memories

Wicksteed Park has launched an archive project
Wicksteed Park has launched an archive project

Christmas and New Year seem a long time ago now.

But I hope you all had a great time – and those of you living close enough used the park to walk off the turkey and mince pies!

One of the many great things about the park is that it is free to use, whether that is walking the dog or as part of your New Year fitness regime!

The accessibility is one of the main reasons why people feel such an affinity with it – it is part of their lives.

It is that affinity and love for the park which we are hoping to harness with our newly-launched archive project.

We want to capture the memories of generations of visitors and provide a detailed history of the many innovations which led to the park becoming known as “the home of children’s play”.

One of the main aims of the archive project will be to try to identify and trace some of the key people featured on old photographs, so they can help provide information and insights which have long since been forgotten.

Again, you may have seen mention of Wicksteed ice cream, one of the many aspects of the park’s history which make it so unique.

The ice cream was very popular with park visitors for decades and got its unique taste after the Wicksteed Park trustees brought in a herd of goats in order to obtain milk for the ice cream during the Second World War.

We are asking local people and lovers of the park to dig out old photos, postcards, documents and items relating to the site through the years to form part of the archive project, which has been launched as part of the lake restoration scheme.

All these memories will be carefully recorded and shared with the public through exhibitions and in other ways.

So keep an eye out for anything which may be of interest during your spring cleaning – if it something to do with the park we’d love to hear from you!