Alasdair McNee: We think you will like Wicksteed changes

Many changes are being made at Wicksteed Park, says Alasdair McNee
Many changes are being made at Wicksteed Park, says Alasdair McNee

One of the first things I spoke about on my arrival at the park last year was the wonderful bond between the park and the wider community.

I said we were keen to listen to what you had to say in a bid to improve the park where we could.

One of the strongest messages that came across was that, although the park is run by a charitable trust and does not have vast funding available, there were elements of what we offered which could be improved – particularly when it came to car parking.

I’m happy to say that we have listened and that a new system and pricing structure will come into force in May which I hope you will agree is a lot better and will help reduce congestion on Barton Road.

Car owners will now pay on exit, based on the length of their stay. So those parking up to enjoy a walk and a coffee for an hour or so will now pay substantially less than those enjoying our rides and attraction for the day.

We are also reducing the price of seasonal car parking passes too.

I hope people continue to understand that we need car parking revenue to help fund the upkeep of the park and the plans we have for its future but these changes also show that we are willing to change things when you tell us they aren’t working well.

One thing which continues to go well is our lake restoration project although, as I’m sure you can appreciate, the terrible weather at the start of the year has had an impact.

You will see many changes to the park and hopefully some nice surprises – you can see full details here.

The weather is likely to mean a delay of a few weeks in the opening of the new walking routes around the lake, particularly the southern edge.

The new amphitheatre also needs to be protected until the new grass has taken a firm root.

Despite the excellent funding we received, we still need additional money to complete some of the plans.

One of these is the climestones feature, a challenging natural play feature we want to add to the journey you can take around the lake.

You can help by making a donation, large or small, here.