Alasdair McNee: We’re doing what we can to give you value for money

Jacob Wynne was the first member of public to go down the zip wire at Wicksteed Park
Jacob Wynne was the first member of public to go down the zip wire at Wicksteed Park

I hope some of you have been brave enough to take on the challenge of our new Rush zipwire and activity tower.

It is part of our programme to broaden the appeal of the park and to give us attractions which we can open all-year round.

But Rush is certainly not for the faint-hearted and we’ve had some adults who have wavered once at the top of the tower.

I hope this explains why we haven’t included it in the wristband price, as that would have meant a price increase which is unfair to our many young wristband users, who are too small to use the zipwire.

Visitors to the park will also have noticed our new car parking arrangements, which is aimed at reducing congestion on Barton Road through a pay on departure system.

We have also changed the car parking pricing structure, following feedback from the public, so it is now cheaper for short term stays of under three hours on ride days.

There are two self-service ticket machines, one by reception and the other near the main toilet block at the other end of the precinct.

On ride days you can also pay when you purchase tickets and wristbands so long as you are staying more than three hours.

If you are a season ticket holder, the first time you enter the park you will need to take a ticket from the machine to open the barrier.

Some time during your stay that day please proceed to reception where our team will be delighted to programme your annual pass so that it is recognised by the barriers until the expiry date of your pass.

When Charles Wicksteed was alive there were very few cars around compared to now and accommodating them at the park comes with a big cost for us.

We have to pay for our own roads, lighting, car parks, security as well as continually investing in the many other areas to which need urgent improvement.

To that end, we are also about to launch a Gift Aid scheme.

Park prices will stay the same but this means we can reclaim the basic tax rate on ride and car parking charges.

Many charities utilise Gift Aid to great effect and it is a great way for the public to help with the park’s upkeep and improve our many amenities.

By signing a simple form, park visitors can significantly increase the amount of money we have to invest in further attractions and to preserve this wonderful park for future generations.