Alasdair McNee: Plenty happening as the season changes

There's still plenty on offer at Wicksteed Park despite the changing of the seasons, says Alasdair McNee
There's still plenty on offer at Wicksteed Park despite the changing of the seasons, says Alasdair McNee

Well, back to school they’ve gone!

The young, smiley faces who have spent the summer getting their knees dirty and their foreheads hot and sweaty running around Wicksteed Park, have returned to their desks, hopefully with a bundle of happy memories.

I smiled to myself while making my way into work this week thinking about their transformation into school pupils again, all smart in their new uniforms.

And as a parent myself, I know how much work can go into that transformation!

But just as the end of the summer is a busy time for the young people who use the park, it is also an incredibly busy time for the park and its staff.

That has been amplified this year by the start of work on our £2m lake restoration project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

I’ll leave you to read about all the exciting things that project involves elsewhere – but it is all systems go in the run-up to and beyond Monday’s project launch.

We’ve also got the start of our immensely popular daytime shows, which will look even more spectacular this year given the renovation and improvement work which has just been completed in the Pavilion, where they are staged.

Part of the park’s ethos is to provide year-round entertainment, so we are already busy preparing special deals and events for the half-term holidays and the weeks leading up to it.

The success of our PlayDay events has given us the inspiration to plan another similar event this year, so look out for further details soon.

For Halloween, we are holding two Little Monsters Ball events on October 26 and 31, and plans are also under way for the annual fireworks extravaganza, which this year is on Saturday, November 2.

Even when the rides and attractions do eventually close for the season, things don’t stop at the park – and operations manager Mick Bush and his team begin maintenance, repairs and planning for it all to start again next spring!

And before you know it, it will be Christmas, with all the party nights and events that involves.

But let’s not wish ourtime away – and enjoy the last few sunny days before the nights really start to draw in.