Alasdair McNee: Look out for more attractions at Wicksteed Park

Adding more attractions will be child's play, says Alasdair
Adding more attractions will be child's play, says Alasdair

A new year is traditionally a time for reflection.

A time for looking back at the events of the previous 12 months and hoping for good times in the year ahead.

At the park, we achieved a tremendous amount with new developments in 2014 and hopefully you have enjoyed the benefits of our hard work.

We launched our new Rush zip wire, leap of faith and climbing wall, introduced a new car parking system to help reduce congestion on Barton Road and opened our new Ideas Café to name but a few of our achievements.

And, of course, the iconic lake at the heart of the park has been restored to its former glories thanks to a £3m restoration project.

People can now walk around the entire lake easily and safely for the first time thanks to all-weather lakeside paths and the 90m pontoon at the far end of the park – and the numbers of walkers using this area has grown massively as a result.

The lake will be formally re-opened later in the year and we are planning in the New Year that the completion of the project will be marked by the unveiling of a lakeside statue depicting children’s play, which of course has been at the heart of the park’s ethos since it was opened by Charles Wicksteed.

Looking forward to 2015, we will be creating a new lakeside play feature built out of natural stone using the proceeds from our fireworks night, a new indoor play area, a sand and water play area, a walk-through aviary and a new covered drop slide.

There are also plans to apply for further grant funding to build a children’s play island in the middle of the lake.

All this is going on alongside the traditional winter maintenance, stripping down and repairing of rides and planning the new line-up of daytime shows for the Pavilion, which will begin in May.

So watch this space for further details on everything I have mentioned - and I hope you continue to enjoy the park throughout 2015 and beyond.